Patient Success Stories

Mike Broome Avatar

This is the second visit for my wife and I. This time, Hygienist appointment for semiannual cleaning. Everyone... read more

Mike Broome 11/18/2023
Phyllis Wilson Avatar

My visit today was very good! My cleaning and checkup were excellent. My gums and teeth feel great and look... read more

Phyllis Wilson 11/06/2023
charley calvert Avatar

This was the absolute best experience I've ever had in a dental office! All of the staff are super friendly... read more

charley calvert 11/06/2023
Ronda Brown Avatar

Recently had to switch from my previous dentist to CDA because they are in network with my insurance. Today was... read more

Ronda Brown 10/23/2023
Keon Waller Avatar

I love that everyone is friendly and most importantly seems to love what they do and put their all into... read more

Keon Waller 10/21/2023
Dwight Herring Avatar

Everyone was great. Had a good bit of work done in my eyes. They made sure I was ok all... read more

Dwight Herring 10/11/2023
Mett Davis Avatar

Members of our family variously drive 90 minutes each way (passing dozens of other dental offices along the way), and/or... read more

Mett Davis 10/07/2023
Lisa Bowick Avatar

This is the dentist you definitely deserve. Staff knew exactly what to do!! Shout out to all the staff for... read more

Lisa Bowick 10/05/2023
Julie Hill Avatar

While the appointment took a great deal longer than I anticipated, I can certainly see why it took so long.... read more

Julie Hill 9/09/2023